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Shravan Month

According to the Hindu calendar, the Shravan month is one of the holiest months compared to all months. This is the fifth month of the Hindu calendar. But have you ever thought about why it was named Shravan? The Shravan Nakshatra is considered to govern the sky on Poornima or full-moon day; therefore, its name is derived from the Nakshatra. During this month, devotees offer Patram-pushpam & phalam-toyam to Shiva linga.

The month of Shravan is synonymous to festivals & events. It is the best time to conduct all the auspicious events as most of the days of this month are promising for shubh aarambh (the new beginnings).

In this month, every Monday is celebrated as Shravan somvar across all the temples, with Dharanatra over the Shivling, bathing it with holy water and milk throughout the day and night. Let’s understand the dates and times of Shravan and the all-important Mondays!

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